These are the people and products that I trust to help you with your needs.


Help Digesting Food

We all hate that bloated, crampy feeling. Any time someone changes the way they eat, it has a chance of affecting the bacteria in the gut. This product contains enzymes to break down carbs, fats, and proteins, and beneficial gut bacteria to ensure the proper digestion and absorption of all those precious nutrients!



The Short's have been in fitness for a long time. They started their own supplement store in 2015 and have grown their physical locations to include Carbondale, Marion, Cape Girardeau, and Paducah. They also started their own supplement line "MuscleForce" in 2016. Let them take care of all of the needs that regular nutrition doesn't cover.


Food preparation

Local to Southern Illinois, Athleats is a meal-prep service owned by the Wheetley's that provides fitness-friendly food at a low cost. You may order from their weekly menu, order meat/carbs/veggies in bulk, and order as much as you need to get you through the week. This is one of the most valuable services in the food-desert that is Southern Illinois. Snyder Physique clients also get a discount!

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