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Prioritizing the FP "Big 4"

Utilize the FP methodology to correct posture, address dysfunctions, reduce and prevent pain, and move your body in ways you haven't been able to in years. By focusing on Standing, Walking, Running, and Throwing and all of the exercises that are associated with those movements, you can expect to regain mobility, build muscle, and lose fat.



$300-700 monthly

Every person is built differently. When people come to see me in person, they know that they will be getting a personalized plan that includes a posture and gait assessment, 1-3 days per week in person, and 1-3 days on their own as "homework". Everything from your daily schedule to your nutrition plan is set up on a fillable document that we both keep track of. Body measurements are taken monthly and real results are achieved! Fill out the coaching application to begin.



$120 per hour

Consultations are the first step in beginning your training. In your first consultation, we will assess your standing posture as well as walking and running gait. This information will tell us where we need to begin your fitness journey. Consultations are included as part of regular training packages or can be used as a standalone session to assist with your personal progress tracking. Fill out the coaching application to begin.



$120 per hour

Sedentary lifestyles and poor posture can cause stiff, achy muscles and "knots". Myofascial release targets these knots and stiff areas to improve flexibility, increase blood flow, and reduce pain. This service is included in regular training packages and is the first step to a healthy body, but can also be done À la carte.



Same as comprehensive coaching, but we meet through FaceTime or Zoom instead of in person.

Online training is completed through ZOOM or FaceTime and can be done from anywhere in the world. We can train 1-1 live, or assign homework workouts and provide a fillable lifestyle log that is filled in weekly and checked by me.

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