Use the power of the web to work with me from a distance!


$180-400 monthly

It's not enough to just have a nutrition plan, or an exercise plan. You must look at the full picture: sleep, stress, nutrition, exercise, other activity, gut health, your daily schedule, and more. Comprehensive coaching covers all of these factors in an easy-to-use format that keeps you accountable and is tailored to YOUR needs and YOUR lifestyle. This is the same service that I offer for my in-person clients, but through an online medium with weekly check-ins. Consider me your personal fitness concierge service - and the only Certified Online Trainer in Southern Illinois.


$65 per hour

This day and age, social media and the whole of the internet is flooded with information. Some of that information is backed by sound principles, but a good portion of the information out there today is bogus. If you would like to call me to ask all of your fitness questions, and get help setting up your goals and program, we can schedule a 1-hour consultation that covers every base and steers you in the right direction.



Get your sweat on 1-1


$200-$600 monthly

Every person is built differently. When people come to see me in person, they know that they will be getting a personalized plan that includes 1-3 days per week in person, and 1-3 days on their own as "homework". Everything from your daily schedule to your nutrition plan is set up on a fillable document that we both keep track of. Body measurements are taken monthly and real results are achieved!


$65 per hour

In-person consultations are your opportunity to sit down with me and talk everything fitness for up to an hour. Tell me about your past struggles, ask me about supplements and if you truly need them, set clearly defined goals, get plan recommendations based on your lifestyle - whatever your needs are, we can meet them together.


$20 per 15 min

Ready to get rid of all those knots or sore muscles? The HyperVolt is a device that provides 30-60 percussions per second in order to oxygenate muscles and encourage blood flow and nutrient delivery to areas that need it most. It's less invasive than deep tissue massage, only takes 15 minutes for a full-body session, and leaves you feeling like you are walking on a cloud!


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