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I have helped and continue to help dozens of individuals reach their goals, and educate them on understanding their body and what it truly needs to be healthy and feel amazing. But don't take my word for it - here are a few highlights from past and current clients:


My 50th birthday present to myself was an Ironman Triathlon.
Missing Title 9 by minutes, competitive high school and collegiate sports were not available to me. I dove into training for the three Ironman components of swimming/biking/running believing I was invincible because I had not worn out my body as a youth. Using multiple marathons and half-irons a year as "practice", between 2004 and 2010 I successfully completed 5 Ironmans. Goal:Kona. 
Life happened and I took 10+ years off of racing. My personal diagnosis was that I was becoming increasingly out-of-shape and needed to "stretch" to regain the mobility I was losing daily.
By 2021 I could barely walk, and normal everyday functions became impossible. 30-40 mph wind gusts kept me in my car for fear of being blown over.
Late 2021 I was recommended to Caleb by a concerned friend. Caleb's criteria for accepting clients - Functional Patterns is the core focus of all work together. I bit - and have never looked back.
Within two weeks, we looked "under the hood" through imaging on counsel from an FP-aware chiropractor. Osteoarthritis had destroyed my hips. Both were totally fused, one of which no longer had a ball. Two total hip replacements were "inevitable".
Thanks to the professional advice to use FP for "prehab" before the surgeries, my recovery has been beyond belief. Hip replacements at 8 am, walking by noon, on my way home early afternoon. Both times (R hip April '22, L hip August '22) my walker was ditched the next day and I was back in the FP gym within 4 days.
With FP guidance, throughout the rehab process I have invested time and energy in getting muscles to fire in a coordinated fashion for the first time in over 10 years - a true "class reunion"!
After the second surgery, I went back to full-time retail work in less than a month. My surrounding tribe has been driven crazy by my unending comments of "I could not do this a year ago".
I am convinced that the successful coaching of a Functional Patterns professional saved me from an early life in a wheelchair. Or worse.

Cynthia Busch

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